New York. Us Navy Dirigible Los Angeles over the Empire State Building under contruction, 1930





Open Informant

Recent revelations have confirmed what was once dismissed as conspiracy theory, that we are surveilled citizens unwittingly handing over vast amounts of personal data to the state and security services. The NSA, GCHQ and other government security services secretly collect and scan our personal information and correspondence for trigger words; from the overtly malevolent: ‘anthrax’, ‘assassination’ and ‘bomb’ to the seemingly benign: ‘pork’, ‘dock’ and ‘storm’.

Open Informant is a phone app and e-ink badge. The app searches your communications for these NSA trigger words and then sends text fragments containing these words to the badge for public display. Open Informant seeks to subvert the hegemony of state’s surveillance apparatus by allowing users to choose and openly display personal information that is otherwise covertly gathered without consent. Functioning as a visible protest of the undemocratic surveillance we live under, and acting as a provocation for action. 

In line with its democratic spirit, all aspects of the badge’s design and construction are being made open for anyone to use and build upon: 


For more information visit: http://www.superflux.in/work/openinformant

Drones appear to have become the latest tool for those wishing to smuggle contraband into prisons.”


Hunter Shoots Robot Deer, Faces Charges | News from the Field | OutsideOnline.com

Is that a deer on the side of the road?

No, actually; it’s a robot planted by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, and on Saturday morning a Florida man pulled over, got out of his car, and shot it, prompting police officers to emerge from a nearby hiding spot and charge him with shooting deer during closed season, discharging a firearm from a roadway, and taking deer from a right-of-way.